About Future Oxford

The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan creates a vision of a sustainable community that balances community, environmental and economic interests. The Plan sets out 70 distinct actions that will achieve specific goals and targets for Oxford's future.

As a partnership organization, Future Oxford is the group of volunteers and partners who are taking responsibility for achieving those actions.

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The Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan is guiding decisions that impact quality of life in our communities for generations to come. From protecting source water, to reducing waste, to caring for an aging population, the Plan puts forward a decision-making framework-- the Multi-Criteria Assessment Tool-- that supports action that balances Oxford's unique social, environmental and economic interests.

Future Oxford was established in June 2014 when 15 community members were appointed by Oxford County Council to form a steering committee to begin developing Oxford’s first Community Sustainability Plan.

Following a year-long community engagement campaign, County Council approved the Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan on September 9, 2015. The steering committee was appointed the Future Oxford Transition Board, serving until the appointment of the Future Oxford Partnership in January 2016.


Sam Haverkamp, Co-Chair
Heather McDowell, Co-Chair
Monica Clare
Sam Coghlan
Stephen Cornwell
Rick Cox
Kayla Doan
Whisper Gardiner
Chris Kennedy
Bryan Smith

Oxford County
Sarah Hamulecki, Project Lead
Chelsea Martin, Administration/Secretary
Tommasina Conte, Communications