April 22, 2020

Earth Day 2020

Reflecting on how we can protect and restore our ecosystems

Today marks Earth Day’s 50th anniversary! The Future Oxford Partnership and Environment Oxford wish you a clean, pristine, and healthy Earth Day 2020!

As we keep ourselves and others safe by practicing what our health experts recommend, today provides us with a wonderful opportunity to reflect upon how we can protect and restore the ecosystems throughout Oxford.

Environment Oxford was established as a volunteer-run committee through the Future Oxford Plan planning process in 2015. Its members are dedicated to protecting and restoring our ecosystems from a holistic point of view, focusing on the environment while working to enhance community wellbeing and economic vibrancy of Oxford. There are a few active teams within the Environment committee focused on implementing actions related to renewable energy, waste, and habitat restoration. Today provides us with a timely opportunity to recognize and celebrate volunteer efforts that advance the Future Oxford Plan.

Earth Day looks different in many ways this year: individuals and organizations have adapted their activities to meet the current situation. Earth Day Canada continues to be a great resource for all of us when determining how we can have a positive impact.