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Zero Waste Event Planning

Yes, your event can be waste free! Find out how in the new Zero Waste Event Planning Guide, a green event planning guide specifically designed for Oxford County residents.

     Download Oxford County's Zero Waste Event Planning Guide (Nov 2017)

     Download the Industry Events Council presentation (Nov 23, 2017)

Community Wellbeing Survey

Residents living in rural areas report a greater degree of life satisfaction and wellbeing, according to the 2016 Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey. On the other hand, Oxford’s most dissatisfied residents are those who earn less than $40,000 a year, a group more likely to report they are dissatisfied with work, less likely to take part in community activities, and that count a lower numbers of close friends.

Future Oxford is working through Community Oxford to set-- and achieve-- targets and goals that improve quality of life for all.


Survey reports

Final Report | Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey: A Comparison of Oxford Residents on Selected Aspects of their Wellbeing (September 2016)

Preliminary Report | Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey: A Profile of the Wellbeing of Oxford Residents (June 2016)

Addendum | Oxford County Residents' Comments on Wellbeing (June 2016)

Printed copies of the Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey reports are available in branches of Oxford County Library.



Oxford County Community Wellbeing Survey highlights (2016)

Oxford Community Wellbeing Survey "placement" summary (2017)


Other reports and resources

Community Sustainability Plan: Best practices review (2014). Prepared by IndEco and SSG for Oxford County

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