Zero Waste Spaces


A Zero Waste Oxford Initiative

Zero Waste Spaces supports the Future Oxford goal to “Achieve Zero Waste in Oxford.”

Everything we consume, from the food we eat to the cars we drive to the houses we live in, is produced from the earth’s limited supply of resources. On the path to waste reduction, our choices are simple: every item we discard will get us closer to - or further away from - our zero waste goals. By choosing to use our limited resources sustainably, and to divert waste that we do generate away from landfills, we support future generations, reduce our impact on the environment, and help build resilient communities.

Businesses and organizations that have committed to operating as a Zero Waste Space agree to:

  • compost/digest organics; none go to landfills
  • recycle all plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard
  • avoid single-use plastics
  • offer only reusable and/or recyclable packaging
  • honour and commit to “zero waste”





Make your organization a Zero Waste Space!

Fill out the application form or email for more information. 


Participating businesses 

Jarful Local Rellery
Maglin Site Furniture
The Soulful Spoon