November 16, 2020

Future Oxford shares progress and priorities

Future Oxford celebrates success on 94% of the actions set out five years ago to improve quality of life in Oxford County

"We are all Future Oxford."

That is the message from Future Oxford's annual update to the community, shared through a comprehensive report card and video released at County Council last week.

The Progress & Priorities presentation outlined Future Oxford's success on on 94% of the 70 actions in the community sustainability plan that aims to improve quality of life for Oxford’s current and future generations. The accompanying presentation to Oxford County Council thanked Future Oxford’s community volunteers for their 3,500+ hours of dedication to this achievement.

The Future Oxford Partnership-- the volunteer steering committee that guides the Future Oxford Plan's progress-- will focus on refreshing the community sustainability plan and celebrating and recruiting volunteers in the coming year. For more information contact

VideoOur Progress Toward Sustainability 2015-2020 (2 min) 

Report cardProgress Report 2015-2020

Council presentations: Future Oxford Partnerships - Progress & Priorities | Staff presentation - Ongoing History of Future Oxford 

Council reportCAO 2020-05 - Future Oxford Progress 2015-2020

News release: Future Oxford shares progress and priorities


Future Oxford Community Sustainability Plan - Tracking Progress from 2015 - 2020