March 20, 2023

Promoting zero waste spaces

Local businesses invited to join Zero Waste Spaces to show their support for a sustainable Oxford

Future Oxford is encouraging local businesses, organizations and agencies to consider becoming a “zero waste space,” affirming their commitment to quality of life for current and future generations and support for Oxford’s zero waste goal.

Zero Waste Spaces is a volunteer waste-reduction program that identifies members through the display of a “Zero Waste Facility” sticker. This lets people who enter the premises know that the location:

  • composts or digests organics;
  • recycles all plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard;
  • avoids single-use plastics;
  • offers reusable and/or recyclable packaging; and,
  • honours and commits to zero waste principles.

Initiated by the Township of South-West Oxford and coordinated by the Zero Waste Oxford committee, Zero Waste Spaces is one of several programs by the committee focused on waste reduction education and awareness, along with the Zero Waste Event Planning Guide and the residential Zero Waste Audit Form.

Oxford County organizations that are interested in becoming a Zero Waste Space can learn more or fill out an application at Go to application form now



Bryan Smith, Chair, Zero Waste Oxford

"Because we live in the environment, we know that reducing our impact on nature and recovering resources are the best ways to ensure our health and that of next generations. Zero Waste Spaces gives local businesses—and their customers-- an opportunity to show their support for this goal.”


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